Privacy policy and cookies


  1. Rules of Privacy Policy and cookies

The administrator of data is Fundacja Akademickie Inkubatory Przedsiębiorczości with registered office in Warszawa 00-672, Piękna 68, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw, XII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under Number KRS 0000199402, NIP: 5242495143 (hereinafter referred to as “Foundation”, “we”, “us”).

We hereby undertake to carry out our activities properly when it comes to collecting, using and protecting of personal data. We want You to be sure that Your details are safe with us as well as fully understand in what way we are using them to offer You the best and most personalized services. This is the reason why the Privacy Policy and cookies (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”) has been developed, which:

  • Determines kinds of personal data we collect;
  • Explains in what way and why we collect and use Your personal data;
  • Explains when and why we make Your personal data available to other organizations;
  • Clarifies the rights and choices You have relating to Your personal details.

Within the range of products and services offered by us, we would like You to know exactly what aspects are embraced by our Policy. The below Policy concerns You if You use our products and services (specified in the Policy as “our Services”). The use of our services indicates:

  • Creating an account in our website and using our services within its functionality framework;
  • Shopping by phone, online or in any other way by means of any website (hereinafter referred to as “our Services”) or mobile applications (“our mobile applications”), in which the below rules are published;
  • The below Policy shall also apply when You contact us or we contact You in connection with our Services;

Our Services or mobile applications may contain links to other websites operated by other subjects who have their own rules of privacy policy clarifying in what way they use Your personal data. In such situations, please read their conditions and privacy policy carefully before You submit any personal data as we shall have no liability for other operators’ websites.

Registering in our services, You can transfer to us:

  • Your personal data including an address, an e-mail address, a phone number and Your date of birth;
  • Login details, such as a user’s name and a password You have chosen;
  • Information on online shopping (for example, what, where and when You have purchased a product and how You have paid);

While buying online, browsing our services or using our mobile applications, we are entitled to collect:

  • Information on the way our Services and mobile applications are browsed as well as information on the clicking in one of our advertising material (including websites of other organizations);
  • Information on all devices used to obtain the access to our Services(including a brand, model and operation system, IP address, type of browser and mobile device identifiers);

If You use our coupons or vouchers, we entitled to collect:

  • Information how and when You use the coupons and vouchers;

Contacting us, or when we contact You or when You take part in promotions, contests questionnaires or surveys concerning our Services, we entitled to collect:

  • Personal data You submit any time, when You contact us in relation tour Services (for example, Your name and surname, user’s name, contact details, login) either by phone, e-mail, mail or via social media;
  • Detailed information on e-mail messages and other digital messages we send to You along with all links You click on;
  • Your opinion and contribution to the customer’s satisfaction survey;
  1. Personal data we collect

This section contains the information on personal data we may collect when You use our Services as well as other personal details we may obtain from other sources.

  1. Other sources of personal data

We may also use personal data from other sources such as specialist companies providing information, our business partners and public registers. This sort of data help us to:

  • review the data and correct accuracy of the data we have;
  • improve and measure the efficiency of our marketing communication, including online advertising.
  1. How and why we use personal data

The below table clarifies in setail how and why we use personal data:

We use personal data to: Ensure accessibility to our services.    This means that processing of Your personal data allows us to: manage the account You have created on our website.   Process Your orders and returns.        Why do we process Your personal data in this way? We must process Your personal data in order to manage Your user’s account; deliver goods and services You want to purchase; help in orders and returns You may request.

Management  and facilitating of our daily business operations

Management and improvement of our Services and mobile applications.

We use Cookies and similar technologies in our Services and mobile applications to improve the quality of Customer service.

Some Cookies are essential so they should not be disabled in order to use all functions of our Services and mobile applications. You may disable other Cookies but this may affect Your satisfaction of using our websites. More information on Cookies  and ways to disable them can be found in Cookies and similar technologies section.

Developing and improving our offer of goods, services ,know-how and the way in which we communicate with You.

We build our operation on the use of personal data to conduct market research and to improve our IT systems (including security) as well as our range of products and services. Thanks to this, we are able to provide You with the most desired offer.

Fraud and other crime detection and ways of prevention.

It is of key importance that we monitor our Services in the context of fraud and other crime prevention to ensure the proper use of our Services. This will also allow us to assure that You use our Services in the most secure way.

Personalizing of services to meet Your expectations

Analysis of Your habits connected with browsing of our sites and Your shopping habits in order to better understand Your needs and guarantee personalized offers and services.

Viewing of Your online behavior and shopping allows us to personalize our offers and services. It will help us to meet Your needs as a Customer.

Sending of proper marketing messages (via electronic mail, traditional mail or as an online advertisement) concerning our products and services as well as those of our suppliers and business partners. That is why an online advertisement may be displayed on our websites and on the websites belonging to the third parties and other channels of online media. We may also measure the efficiency of our marketing messages and those of our suppliers and business partners.

We want to be sure that we deliver the marketing information including an online advertisement that is suitable for Your interests. In order to achieve this, we measure Your reactions to the marketing communication connected with our offers and services which means that we are able to provide You with products and services that live up to Your needs as a Customer in the best possible way.

You can modify Your marketing choices both during the registration and at any time after it.

You are also offered a choice when it comes to an online advertisement. In the further part of Privacy Policy we will present possible options concerning cookies and a way in which You can control Your preferences referring to online behavior.

Contact and interaction with You

Management of promotions and competitions in which You take part including those we organize together with our suppliers and business partners.

We have to process Your personal details in order to manage promotions and competitions in which You decide to take part.

Inviting to take part in customer’s satisfaction surveys and other forms of the market research carried out by us and other organizations acting on our behalf.

We carry out the market research in order to improve our Services. But if we contact You about such research You are not obliged to participate in it. If You inform us You do not want us to contact You, we will respect this choice. It will not affect using our Services in any way.

  1. Our legally justified purposes in using Your personal details

What we mean by “legally justified purpose” of using Your personal data involves the following:

  • Satisfying our Customers’ needs in the context of the products and services provided by us;
  • Promoting and introducing of our services and products into the market;
  • Support and handling of Your account (for example, Your online shopping account), management of complaints and settling of various disputes;
  • Understanding of our customers, their behavior patterns, likes and preferences;
  • Protection and support of our activity, colleagues, customers and co-owners;
  • Testing and developing of new products and services as well as improving of those already existing;
  • Legal and regulatory requirements.
  1. How and why do we make personal data available to business partners and suppliers of services?

          In this section we explain why and in what way we make personal data available to our business partners and suppliers of services. When we make personal data available to these companies we require them to keep them safe and not to use these data for their own marketing purposes.
We cooperate with numerous business partners who offer their products on our sites.

Business partners

In such situations we make available only these personal details which enable our partners to offer their services. For example, when You do shopping online on our sites, we may make Your name and contact data available to our partners so that they deliver the selected products for You.

We cooperate with carefully chosen suppliers of services who realize specific functions on our behalf. They for example involve the companies which help us provide services including services for customers, technological services, storing and combining of data, payment processing and order delivery. We make available only these personal details which enable our suppliers to provide such services.

Some suppliers we cooperate with operate online media channels in which they place adverts of our products and services, as well as those of our suppliers and business partners.

For example, You can see the advertisement of our products and services when You use a specific social media site or watch the Internet TV.

  1. How and why do we make personal details available to other subjects

We are allowed to make Your personal details available in the following circumstances:

  • When the law or a public authority requests for access to Your personal details;
  • When we have to make Your personal details available in order to establish, execute or protect our rights (including transfer of personal details to other persons in order to prevent fraud and decreasing of credit risk);
  • For an organization to which we sell or transfer (or we enter into negotiations in order to sell or transfer) any of our rights or obligations resulting from any contract concluded with You. Upon successful completion of the said sale or transfer, the subject obtaining Your personal details is allowed to use them in the same way as we are;
  • To all successors connected with our activity.
  1. How do we protect Your personal details

We are aware of the fact how important it is to properly protect and manage personal details. In this section we present some of the solutions we have introduced. To safeguard Your personal details we use the following computer security:

  • Limitation of access exclusively for these employees who need it to perform their official duties;
  • We apply physical, electronic and procedural safeguards connected with collecting, storing and disclosing of personal details;
  • Physical checks of access to our premises and data files;
  • Firewalls and data encoding at the time of transfer by means of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

In spite of the fact that we employ relevant technical and organizational measures to protect personal details, we are not able to guarantee the safety of any personal data sent to us via the Internet.

Personal details we collect from You, may be transferred and stored in a particular destination outside the European Economic Area (EEA). They can also be processed by companies outside EEA that work for us or one of our service supplier. If that happens, we undertake to respect Your privacy rights in accordance with the following Principles. The most frequent option is to enter into a relevant type of contract (more information on this subject can be found here: en) or via approved program such as Privacy Shield:

  1. How long do we process personal details


We will not store Your personal details for any longer time we need them. This depends on several factors:

  1. Most of all, the reason we have collected them;
  2. How long ago they were collected;
  3. If the legal or regulatory basis exists so that we can keep them;
  4. If we need them to protect Your or our business.

  5. Possibility of choice when it comes to receiving of marketing messages and participation in market research

We will send You various offers and information on our products and services in a number of ways including electronic mail but only on the condition that You have previously agreed to be sent such marketing information. Upon registration on our Site we will ask You if You wish to receive marketing information from us. You may change the choice of marketing preferences at any time by means of the settings panel in your user’s account, by phone (+48 606 203 013) or in a written form(Ippomare, Nowolipie 5/5, 00-146 Warsaw).

We would also like to learn about Your opinions which can help us to improve our Services. That is why it may happen that we will contact You to carry out the market research.

Remember that You always have a choice whether to take part in our market research or resign.





Ensuring performance

Compatibility (for example, identification of a type of browser);

Optimizing (for example, measurement of the time the site is loaded);

Session cookies – they are deleted when the browser is closed

Increasing of safety

Checking if a user’s device is safely logged in throughout his/her visit on our site;

Session cookies – they are deleted when the browser is closed

Remembering of preferences

Enhancing of the Service operation through personalized contents, welcome, remembering of a chosen language;

Session cookies – they are deleted when the browser is closed

Analysis of the way the Service is used

Collecting of statistics concerning, among others, general number of visits, hits and references to the Service;

No notifications are displayed after the User passes to another web page;

Permanent cookies —deleted after a longer lack of visits in the Service


Session cookies – they are deleted when the browser is closed

Feedback information to the Users of the Service

No cyclical notifications are sent to for a specified period of time;


Sharing of the Service contents on the social network platforms;

Permanent cookies —deleted after a longer lack of visits in the Service


Plug-ins/ widgets

Recording of the Users’ interaction in the Service for example by means of the counter of a figure of shares);

Permanent cookies —deleted after a longer lack of visits in the Service


Delivery of appropriate marketing contents (online advertisements in particular)

Providing of the Internet advertisements which in our opinion are the most significant in our Services other subjects’ sites;

Permanent cookies —deleted after a longer lack of visits in the Service


Measurement of the efficiency of our marketing communication (including online advertisement)

Measurement of the efficiency of our Internet advertising campaigns and those sent via e-mail;


Controlling of a number of times you see a given advertisement.

Permanent cookies —deleted after a longer lack of visits in the Service



  1. How do we use cookies files?

Cookie files are the computer data including text files in particular, which are placed by our Service during each visit in the User’s terminal equipment. That allows our Internet websites to remember the User’s computer or equipment and also serves several aims. The Foundation is a subject that places cookie files in the User’s terminal equipment and obtains access to them. Our server automatically registers the information sent by the User’s browser while the website is displayed. Server logs may contain the information such as network requests, IP address, type and language of a browser, date and time of the enquiry transfer. This information allows us to improve the quality of our Services thanks to identifying and storing of the User’s preferences and following of trends such as, for example, the ways our Services are searched.

The following types of cookies are used on our sites:

Cookie files placed in the Service User’s terminal equipment may also be used by the third parties in order to offer other options of functionalities. The use of the above mentioned tools or widgets may result in storing of cookie files on the Users’ equipment in order to enhance their use at the same time assuring that the Users’ interaction is correctly displayed in our Services.


  1. Your choice concerning cookies

In spite of the fact that majority of browsers automatically allows to place cookies on the computer, the User may refuse to receive them thus remaining anonymous. In such a case it shall be remembered that if You do not agree to place cookies, You will not be able to use all the functions of the Service fully. In order to set up the options of Your equipment in the context of cookies and determining of the range of saved cookies, You can  change the settings of the Internet browser (in most cases this option is located in the Tools or the Browser’s preferences).

We hereby inform that the failure to change the settings for cookies means that they will be placed in the User’s terminal equipment. Our services will store the information in the User’s terminal equipment and obtain access to it.

The information on the management of cookie files in individual browsers can be found on the web pages dedicated to them:

Additional information on the management of cookie files can be found on such web pages as, for example:

  1. The right of access to personal data

You have the right to view Your data that are stored by us.


  1. Other rights held by people whose data are processed

As far as Your personal data are concerned, You also have the right to

  • Rectification of Your personal details

If You think we possess inaccurate or incomplete information about You, let us know and we will correct them.


  1. The right of objection

General objection- we will review Your objection to our use of Your personal data. If Your rights prevail over our interests in using  Your personal data, at Your request we will limit their processing (see  section 14.3 below) or delete them (see section 14.4 below).


Objection to direct marketing – in the case this type of objection is introduced, we will stop using Your personal details for direct marketing purposes. As a result of Your objection to direct marketing or when we do not have any other legal basis  for their use, the processing of Your data will be stopped within 30 days.

  • The right to limit the processing of data

There are some situations in which the use of personal data may be limited:

  • You lodged the general objection (mentioned in point 14.2 above);
  • You question accuracy of the personal data we store;
  • We have used Your personal data illegally but You do not want us to remove them.
  • The right to remove the data

There are several situations in which You may instruct us to delete Your personal details:

  • We no longer need to store Your personal data;
  • You have successfully applied for the general objection (mentioned in point 14.2 above);
  • You have withdrawn Your consent to the processing of Your personal data by us (and we do not have any other reasons for their use);
  • We have processed Your personal details illegally.


  • The right to transfer personal data

If You want to receive a copy of Your personal details, contact us on the following address:


  • The right to complain in front of a supervision authority

We would like to be able to sort out all Your motions and remarks, however You are also entitled to complain directly to a local supervision authority if You think that we process personal data in the way which impedes the law.


  • More information on Your rights to data protection

The Internet website of the President of the Office of Personal Data Protection concerning the protection of data contains more details about the above mentioned rights to personal data protection. If You want to talk about them in detail, use the below section where we inform “how to contact us.”


  1. How to contact us

If You have any questions concerning the way we collect, store and use Your personal data, please contact us:

Phone: +48 606-203-013


mail: Nowolipie 5/5, 00-146 Warszawa

contact to the Inspector for Personal Data Protection in the Foundation:


The privacy policy was last updated on: 24.05.2018



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