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Hippodamia, wife of a king of Thessaly, at her wedding there was a fight between centaurs and the Lapiths. Her name means the one who tames horses

Hand-cut and hand-sewn genuine leather sandal.
Matching durable sole - hand-cut.
Lining and upper part - hand- cut and hand- sewn leather.

Color: dyed leather in a dark brown shade or natural leather color
Country of origin: Greece

Versatile model. It fits every type of the foot, either slim or with the same length of the toes, square in the shape. Its recommended for longer toes. Thin, but strong leather stripe around the ankle, does not "cut the leg" making it optically shorter.
It goes perfectly with the more tight, "close to the body" dresses & skirts, but also with the shorts or bermudas shorts .

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