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Ariadne’s Thread, Penelope patience

Driven by the magic of the unraveling thread we weave our story.
This time we reach for the threads, set up on the canvas of Hellenic mythology and history.

Goddesses and Heroines of the ballads, stories and every day live, besides of the pragmatic use of the creation made on the loom, seek in this process harmony, tranquility, focusing at moment, sometimes reach for help
or trick. Ariadne helped Theseus to find his way from the Minotaur’s labyrinth, and Penelope in the shadows of the night undid whatever she wove during the day, waiting for Odysseus.

Today, Ippomare finds in the process of weaving on the loom — from the first step to set the threads on the warp weaver via giving a color & shape to the final creation — the best expression of the philosophy of siga- siga (slow life in Greek).

Limited collection Ariadne’s Thread are unique boho bags, hand woven on the tradition wooden loom in the picturesque corner of Greece. Therefore, colors borrowed from nature- dynamic changes of the sea, ground scorched by the sun, short passing by rain, summer heated rocks, pastels of the wild flowers of bay tree, red wine or volcanic beaches.
Practical, light, handy & capacious, closed on the magnetic press button will accompany you in every day and not only.

Attention! Each bag is made only in 1 piece, no repetition!
Bonus- magic of Greek spinners captured in the pattern.

Hand woven & sewn clutch bag in boho style,
supple & comfortable, truly natural elegance.
Perfect choice for evening night out or special occasion.

Edges decorated with fringes tassels in black color.
Inside -  lining in a black color in soft material.
Closing- magnetic press button.

Colors: diagonal patterns of black & white and soft beige to break the routine!


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